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Penny Small, APD, PhD, is a leading Australian dietitian and health educator. Living in the beautiful Central West in rural New South Wales she is passionate about eating, enjoying good food and  living a healthy, sustainable life.

Penny first began working with a more holistic approach to health and nutrition in 1998, working professionally with colleagues in psychology to design and introduce innovative Emotional Eating courses as an adjunct to the more traditional weight management strategies offered in the health service. This was together with pursuing personal meditation studies both here and overseas. Now, more that a decade on, Penny is a trained mindfulness instructor, teaching mindfulness based stress reduction and cognitive therapy (MBSR/CT) and mindfulness based eating awareness training (MB-EAT) courses in Australia. This is a way of helping people trust that they can find their own solutions and encouraging a more ‘whole of person’ approach to health.

Penny has extensive experience working with individuals and groups in a variety of community, clinical and workplace settings and is the author of The Food Lovers Diet.


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